You may select a White/Rose, Mixed or Red Flight plus an Add-On if desired.

**Tastings not available during Live Entertainment or Special Hours.

  • White/Rosé Tasting
    This off-dry to sweet wine tasting features Whimsical, Rosa Secco, Subtle Blonde, La Rosa & Mist.
  • Mixed Tasting
    This tasting offers a diverse showcase to enjoy some of our most popular wines. Whimsical, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosa Secco, Nevada Red Blend & Temprynce are the featured favorites you will enjoy.
  • Reds Tasting
    Reds rule in this tasting of our red wines. Enjoy the Nevada Red Blend, Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. From semi-dry to bold, it is a most memorable sip trip!
  • Hard Cider Tasting
    Enjoy our flavorful Cider line-up, made from local Gala apples. Specialty ciders subject to change.
  • Sweet Add-On
    Add on the Subtle Blonde, La Rosa and Mist to your flight.
  • Reds Add-On
    Add on the Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot to your flight.

Wines by the Glass

Bottles may be purchased to take home with you.

Glass / Bottle

  • Whimsical: Dry Riesling (2021)
    $9 / $26
    Bright sour green apple, melon, citrus zest and pineapple on the palate with a lingering mineral finish.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Dry White Wine (2022)
    $9 / $24
    Aromas of grapefruit, green apple, lemongrass, lime and white peach. Lively acidity and light minerality on the finish.
  • Rosa Secco: Off-Dry Rosé (2022)
    $9 / $26
    Beautiful, vibrant salmon color with notes of orange zest, candied cherry, ripe strawberry, and melon. Bright and crisp initially, settling into a luscious mouth-watering acidity.
  • Subtle Blonde: Sweet Riesling (2022)
    $9 / $24
    Floral aromas of honeysuckle, peach & apricot. Slight citrus flavors, light minerality and delightful lingering sweetness.
  • La Rosa: Sweet Rosé (2022)
    $9 / $24
    This semi-sweet Rosé has a fruity bouquet of strawberry and melon. With nice, bright, refreshing acidity on the palate.
  • Mist: Muscat Canelli (2022)
    $9 / $24
    This sweet wine has aromas of ripe yellow peach and lychee fruit on the nose. Ripe nectarine, tangerine, and peaches dance on the palate.
  • Nevada Red Blend: Dry Red
    $9 / $28
    Lovely floral bouquet with smooth mouthfeel of cherry and dried red fruit. Modest tannins and bright abundant acidity.
  • Syrah (2017)
    $12 / $36
    Firm, chewy with a flavorful core of dark fruit & plum. Savory, peppery finish. Balanced acidity & smooth tannins.

Glass / Bottle

  • Sangiovese (2020)
    $12 / $38
    Aromas of cherry and fig with a hint of cranberry and plum. Notes of savory red pepper and tomato with slight acidity.
  • Temprynce: Tempranillo (2017)
    $12 / $38
    Dark red fruit, dried fig with savory aromatics of spice, vanilla & dill. Warm earthiness, medium tannins, well balanced.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (2019)
    $12 / $38
    A big bold Cabernet that shows generous amounts of ripe blueberry and strawberry fruit. The tannins are soft and velvety. The finish shows a touch of oak with a sight whiff of vanilla.
  • Petit Verdot (2017)
    $12 / $38
    Smooth, full bodied, bold red. Vibrant gripping tannins. Presents black cherry and plum on the palate.
  • Sidewinder Hard Cider
    $7 / $25 / $30
    Enjoy a cold, crisp glass of our 100% Nevada-produced Hard Cider. Not too sweet & packing a 6% ABV punch, the Sidewinder has quickly become a standout locals favorite. Available by the glass in the Tasting Room ($7), Growler to go ($30) or Growler Refill ($25)
  • Specialty Hard Ciders
    $7.50 / $27 / $32
    Enjoy a cold, crisp glass of our 100% Nevada-produced Hard Cider. We have 2-4 ciders on tap at all times. Please check with the tasting room for varieties on tap. Available by the glass in the Tasting Room ($7-7.5), Growler to go ($32) or Growler Refill ($27)

Food Menu

Man & woman cannot live on wine alone...trust us, we have tried.

  • 9" Cheese Pizza
    This little hot, fresh number comes golden & crisp. Perfect to soak up a little vino for the single patron.
  • 12" Cheese Pizza
    Because all good things are better when shared, this cheesy, hot pizza is perfect to share. Enjoy it with a little artisan olive oil, crushed red pepper & parm to make it special, just like you.
  • Charcuterie Platter
    Charcuterie is fancy speak for a fabulous meat & cheese platter with benefits. The benefits include nuts, fresh & dried fruit, whole grain mustard & wonderful pickled veggies. The perfect accompaniment to great wine.
  • San Pellegrino Sparking Water
    Whether you are the designated driver or would like to hydrate between glasses, this sparkling beverage will do the job.
  • Sparkling Fruit Beverage
    Because fermented grapes shouldn't have all the fun.
  • Chocolates

Our Handcrafted, Small Batch Wines

Reservations are required for groups of (6) or more. Parties of more than (8) will also have a 20% gratuity added to bill for the wine host, one check appreciated.