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Fundraising & Community Support

Wine for a Cause

Vegas Valley Winery has deep roots in the community of the Las Vegas Valley and proudly supports many local charities making a difference. It takes time, consistency,  commitment and faith to make great wine, the same principles which apply to the success of charitable causes. We are happy to to offer the following options for nonprofit organization to utilize to further their good works. 

  • Give 10 in the Tasting Room: On a scheduled day and in a partnered promotion, we offer 10% of tastings, glasses & bottles of wine sold on a dedicated fundraising night to the nonprofit.   Both the winery & the organization announces the date & time to our mutual sphere of influence. Any guests in the tasting room who mention the nonprofit will have 10% of their purchased donate. This makes for an easy, low cost event. If desired, your organization may staff & manage a raffle, informational table or sell approved merchandise during the event. 
  • Hosted Tasting or Wine Mixer:  A private tasting, as a ticketed event, in a private room may be a good option for your organization. The private party room can accommodate up to 40 guests for a seated 5-wine tasting.  Depending on the time of year, 50  to 500 guests may be accommodated on the winery floor for a 3-wine tasting & mixer.  The nonprofits may sell tickets to cover the wine & promotion costs and include a fundraising amount for the charity. Raffles, silent/live auction and other fundraising aspects may be added & managed by the nonprofit organization. A portion of sales on glasses of wine/bottle sales can be donated to the charity, as well. A facility fee applies on the room/winery depending on the scale of the event to cover winery staffing & facility costs.  We are happy to quote the facility fees and cover additional aspects of this option at the request of the organizer. 
  • Winemaking for Charity:  A barrel of wine produces 240 bottles of wine/20 cases. Organizations may make wine during 2 different winemaking seasons each year with up to 20 people per barrel made. This is both a great team building activity for      board/committee members, volunteers or with high-end donors who sponsor      the cost of the barrel. (A barrel is currently priced at $3900) The wine produced may be used as gifts to thank donors of a certain monetary level, used in a fundraising auction of the bottles, and consumed by guests at annual galas and fundraising parties.

We are happy to explore additional requests & answer questions which assists your charity in furthering the cause. Please CONTACT US at your convenience.